1:1 Outdoor Therapy Training


Many people are moving towards outdoor work due to COVID-19, and walking with your clients is a wonderful and rewarding way to work. There is, however, a difference between walking with your clients and OutdoorTherapy as a specialism. Spend the day out & about with Nick, and begin your journey towards an outdoor therapy service.

This training is suitable for qualified counsellors/therapists and involves spending the day either on the South Coast (or in your local area if you choose online support) and exploring the shift in paradigm that outdoor work requires.

There are two packages available: Online or in-person, each being arranged to fit in with your timetable (as best as possible!) Both options will consist of no less than 4 hours of support and will be delivered as an initial, longer session with multiple follow-ups to support you moving forward.

We will explore the following themes, and probably more (Nick can get quite excited talking about this stuff!):

  • Legality and preparation
  • Structuring
  • Confidentiality and ethics
  • Expressive movement
  • Finding your space
  • Biophilia and other ecophysiological theories
  • The therapeutic frame in outdoor therapy

One booked, Nick will contact you directly to arrange a mutually agreeable timetable, so please be sure to include an up-to-date email address when booking!

Please note: 

  1. This training is only suitable for qualified counsellors/therapists and is NOT designed as core training.
  2. For online training, please ensure you have access to a webcam and a reliable internet connection suitable for video conferencing.


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