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There is a fascinating overlap between eco-therapeutic practice1 and existential psychotherapeutic thought.

This workshop gently explores some of those overlaps and investigates the way in which existential thought has manifested within eco-therapies. As a therapist/counsellor, I will be using a psychotherapeutic lens to explore how the two stances complement each other in the development of a forward-facing, sustainable therapeutic paradigm.

I thoroughly enjoy and value discussion during training, finding interaction provides an invaluable level of engagement. For this reason, I will be limiting the numbers of attendees to 12 per workshop.

1 The term ‘Eco-therapy’ describes the manifestation and practical application of eco-psychological theory and thought. It takes many forms including, but not limited to: Walking Therapy; Horticultural Therapy, Forest Bathing; Wilderness Therapy.

Fees & Dates

Taught by Nick as an ONLINE workshop via Google Classrooms

This session is delivered between 10:00 – 13:00 on the:

  • 03rd Apr 2021
  • 08th May 2021

The fee for this workshop is £15 per person payable in advance

Questions? Feel free to contact Nick directly


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