Training Primer


The Counsellor Training Primer is a series of workshops designed specifically for people entering the counsellor training process with an intention to become qualified. Each workshop will cover a different element of the training process and will enable you to feel prepared, plan effectively, and fully understand the commitment before engaging in the process.

Workshop 1 – An overview of the training process (1 hour)

The first workshop has been designed to outline the full training process so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to the financial and personal commitment required to qualify. We will discuss the various routes to qualifying, explain the difference between professional and awarding bodies, time and financial commitments typically associated with the training, and possible progression once qualified.

Workshop 2 – Assessment and professional placements: what to expect & how to prepare (1 hour)

The second workshop will help you to understand the academic and professional expectations as you progress through the stages of training. It is very common for people to ‘find’ counselling as a second career and for many of our students, education and training will have been in their rear view mirror for some time. The courses are designed to ease people back into learning, however, this workshop will give you an honest overview of what is typically required of trainee counsellors.

Workshop 3 – Personal development and a commitment to growth (1.5 hours)

Whilst this workshop will not require you to engage in any personal development tasks, it will provide you with an idea of what is typically built into a counsellor training programme. Counsellor training is not a series of boxes to tick, but a process that requires a full, heartfelt commitment. It is not uncommon for the process to contribute to personal growth as well as professional development, and we will outline our own expectations of our students, which we believe to be representative of all good quality training centres.

The additional half hour has been included to allow for questions, discussion, or anything else!

Fees & Dates

This session is delivered between TBC on the:

  • Workshop 1: TBC
  • Workshop 2: TBC
  • Workshop 3: TBC

The fee for each workshop is £TBC per person payable in advance

Book all three for £TBC (payment in advance and non-refundable)

Note: We use Google Meet to run our online sessions, please ensure that you have access to the following before purchasing a ticket:

  • A stable internet connection available on the day of the workshop and capable of video conferencing
  • A microphone/speaker setup
  • A webcam


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