Final Stage  of counsellor training

A Two-Year Advanced Counselling Diploma

Duration: 2 years part-time, term-time only (5.5 hours per session)

Academic Level: This course has been written at level 5 (think HND / Foundation degree)

Group size: 8 – 12

Venue: TBC

counsellor training diploma

What Is It & Who Is It For?

Designed from the ground up by highly experienced tutors, this comprehensive diploma is suitable for anyone wanting to pursue a career in professional counselling. Being a gateway to registration, it meets all of the membership requirements for the major professional counselling bodies (NCS, BACP etc.) and provides a solid foundation on which trainees can launch their ambitions.

We chose to run an advanced diploma (level 5) to enable us to stretch our trainees and encourage the use of critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation throughout the programme. The core model taught during this diploma is an integration of humanistic approaches with Jungian psychology supporting the creative elements of practice; we will not only teach you about the theory, but also the methodology and application of integration. In addition to theoretical knowledge, our trainees will become highly skilled listeners, confident in developing and maintaining a professional, ethical, and therapeutic space.

Underpinning effective counselling is a solid understanding of ethics, diversity, and equality issues. This will be an area of reflection throughout the two years. We believe that it is equally important that a counsellor has a solid understanding of their own processes, thoughts, and feelings and so personal development is also an integral part of the training process.

Counsellor Training Diploma

As a qualified counsellor, you will continue to study for many years and membership bodies require you to complete a certain amount of additional training to remain registered. To this end, we teach you research methodology and ways in which you can utilise this understanding to continue growing long into the future.

In the second year of your training, you will be required to attend a professional placement and work with clients directly for no less than 100 hours, following this you be required to reflect on your experiences and demonstrate an appropriate level of reflexive practice through written analysis of your work.

At Whitebeam Associates, trainees have the opportunity to work with three qualified, experienced counselling tutors, each with a different specialism but equally passionate about their work.

The standards on this course are high, with all trainees being expected to act professionally and engage fully with the learning process. On successful completion of this course,  our learners will be ‘trainees’ no more and would have met the current requirements for recognition by the major professional bodies in the UK.

Course Commitments

Duration: 2 years part-time (5.5 hours per session, 1 session per week term time only)

Attendance: Minimum attendance required for a pass is 90%


Formal skills observations

Critical reflection 5000 words +/-10%

Written Assignment 7000 words +/-10% X 2

Written assignment 7500 words +/-10% X 2

A formal, recorded discussion

Group presentation to peers including notes and materials including a personal learning reflection of 500 words

Research proposal, including a statement of ethics 3000 words +/-10%

Creative work & reflective statements

Please note that being reflexive practitioners, we reserve the right to adapt or replace assessment methods when appropriate; criteria will not be changed.

Additional: Required reading and weekly journal writing, 60 hours (minimum) of personal therapy over 2 years. A 100-hour (minimum) clinical placement in year 2 PLUS a minimum of 2 hours of clinical supervision a month during the placement period.

Professionalism: Students at all levels, and on all courses are required to hold a professional, respectful space. This includes being attentive, sensitive, organised, and punctual. A more detailed learning contract will need to be signed.

Other useful information

Entry Requirements

Applicants MUST hold a minimum level 3 qualification in counselling that has been delivered in a face to face (not online) format – this is non-negotiable

The ability to work at level 5 (Higher Diploma / Foundation degree)

The ability to commit to the attendance and additional course requirements for the duration of the programme

Due to the nature of counsellor training, this course only accepts applicants aged 24 years and older

Acceptance is subject to interview AND an academic reference

Helpful things to consider

— The Adv. Diploma is a 2-year commitment that includes a 100 hours placement in addition to the stated attendance requirements

— The Diploma requires all trainees attend no less than 60 hours of personal therapy during the course.

Note: Previous work with a therapist cannot be counted towards this total.

— This is an incredibly rewarding, but demanding process that requires a professional level of commitment throughout the 2 years

— Working as a counsellor often involves hearing stories and experiences that may be triggering or upsetting. As counsellors, we work with whatever the client choosing to bring, and therefore choosing to avoid certain subjects during placement is not possible. You should consider carefully your feelings about working with potentially distressing and or challenging material and reflect on your emotional readiness to engage with the training. We’re happy to discuss this with you at an interview, or if you prefer, you are welcome to  get in touch.

Dates & Fees

Next Intake:

Scheduled for September 2022

Fees for this course are: TBC

Payment options: Payment plans available

As with any other training provider, we have bills to pay and failure to pay fees will result in your registration being withdrawn.

We require a non-refundable deposit of 20% to secure your place.


Q: I have studied my level 3 at a different training centre, can I apply for the advanced diploma?

A: Yes, you absolutely can!

Note: Places will be offered subject to interview and references.

Q: Do you supply a placement, or will I need to find my own?

A: We feel that it works better if the training and the placement experience are separate from each other, so as to avoid any conflict of interest. Trainees are responsible for finding their own placement opportunities, having said that, we are happy to give you a nudge in the right direction!

Q: Can I choose my own personal therapist/supervisor?

A: Yes, we believe that personal choice is incredibly important when choosing a therapist/supervisor, however, we have a responsibility to ensure that all professional working with our trainees are fully qualified, experienced, and insured. We also require therapists to be proficient in the modality being taught (integrative-humanistic)

Q: What happens if I miss a deadline?

A: We’re aiming high with this course, and our standards reflect this: it is expected that ALL submissions meet the deadlines, failure to meet a deadline (without mitigating circumstances being agreed in advance) will result in:

  • A reduced grade (you maximum grade will be capped at a PASS)
  • A one-off fee to cover expenses associated with rearranging the assessment process.

Q: Is this qualification regulated by Ofsted?

A: None of our training programmes are regulated by Ofsted. By developing courses in this way we are able to have creative freedom, reduce costs, and tailor the experience based on our many years of delivering counsellor training. We instead have our courses quality checked by relevant professional bodies to ensure that our standards are at their highest and all of our trainees gain the recognition that they deserve.

This Diploma meets the membership requirements of both BACP and the NCS.