Core counsellor training

Begin your journey towards professional recognition with Whitebeam Associates

The teaching staff at Whitebeam Associates have been designing and delivering counsellor training programmes for many years. By signing up with Whitebeam Associates you will be working with a team of motivated, passionate professionals.

The training route is straight forward and requires the completion of an introductory course followed by a two-year diploma.

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The Stages of Counsellor Training

In order to gain professional recognition and be able to apply for registration with a Professional Standards Authority register, you must complete all stages of training.

Initial Counsellor Training

An Integrated Training Programme
(Written at Levels 2 & 3)

Duration: September – June

Academic Level: This course has been written at level 2 (think GCSE 9-4 OR A* – C) moving to level 3 in January (A levels)

Group size: 8 – 12 (Subject to COVID restrictions)

Venue: Sandgate, Kent

Term 1 Fee: £285   Tutor: Nick

Terms 2 & 3 Fee: £715    Tutor: TBC

Applications now open for:
Level 2 – Sep 2021
Level 3 – Jan 2022

Adv. Diploma in Counselling Practice

An Adv. Diploma in Counselling Practice
(Written at Level 5)

Duration: 2 years part-time, term-time only

Academic Level: This course has been written at level 5 (think HND / Foundation degree)

Group size: 8 – 12

Venue: TBC

Tutor: TBC

Excited to be launching in Sep 2022
A register of interest is now open

All details are subject review and adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete all the stages; can I skip some of the training?

Whilst the training at Whitebeam Associates has been divided into different stages, each feeds into the other to provide a complete training route into professional counselling; all stages are therefore mandatory.

If you have completed a Level 2 programme at another training centre, you can apply for APL* and pending approval, skip our Level 2 joining us in January for the Level 3.

*Accredited Prior Learning

Do I need to be academic?

Counselling is a blend of practical skill, theoretical knowledge, and personal insight. Whilst not an academic subject at entry level, it is important that trainees are able to effectively communicate their ideas in written form. In terms of progression and future recognition (accreditation for example) academic ability is very helpful. We will support those who are new to academia in developing these important skills, and make reasonable adjustments for people who find traditional models of learning challenging.

How is the training regulated?

You are paying for professional training that has been accredited by a professional body, but isn’t regulated by Ofsted.

This method of validation is accepted by the major professional bodies in Counselling (BACP, NCS etc.) and offers the creative freedom required by bespoke course facilitators. We are required to undergo a robust and circular quality assurance process involving internal and external verification. This also provides trainees with an externally managed complaint process that is available as a last resort (we’re confident that this won’t be needed!)

CAN I SWITCH to your from another TRAINING PROVIDER?

Absolutely, we are happy to receive applications from people who trained at other centres. It’s important to remember that our criteria for passing will likely differ and therefore the best time to change is in between stages.

I feel really uncomfortable in role-playing, can I skip that part?

Sorry, role-playing is an essential element of training and assessment! You will also be expected to deliver presentations and engage in group discussion throughout your training journey.