How are your courses legitimised?

The majority of counselling qualifications in the UK are run by centres that subscribe to a particular awarding body (eg. ABC Awards, CPCAB, AIM Awards, etc) which often provide a set curriculum and assessment framework. There are many benefits to this system, however, at Whitebeam Associates we have opted for a different route: that of having the quality of our courses verified and accredited by a professional counselling membership body; there are several benefits to this:

  1. We gain the creative freedom required to draw on our experience of training counsellors.
  2. Because it is a professional body that quality checks our training, we know that it meets their evolving expectations.
  3. By going directly to a membership body for recognition, we save having to pay the fees associate with an awarding body; savings that we are able (and happy) to pass on to you.

How much experience do you have with this process?

Before forming Whitebeam Associates, we, as individuals have successfully designed and delivered counsellor training at levels 2, 3, 4 & 6. Of the courses that we designed on behalf of previous employers, all successfully achieved accreditation of the NCS.

Where are you in this process with Whitebeam Courses?

  1. Design the course programme
  2. Review the course content, structure, and assessment
  3. Make changes and review a second time
  4. Successfully deliver each course to a single cohort* <WE ARE HERE (Updated Dec 2020)
  5. Gather feedback and reflect on any changes that may improve the experience
  6. Apply for recognition / accreditation
  7. Maintain recognition / accreditation

*This is a requirement of the accreditation process