An introduction to the skills and context of counselling

Duration: 12 weeks (2.5 hours per session)

Academic Level: This course has been written at level 2 (think GCSE 9-4 OR A* – C)

Group size: 8 – 12 (Subject to COVID restrictions)

Venue: Near Folkstone, Kent

Tutor: Nick

What is it & who is it for?

The introductory course has been designed for those students interested in either:

– Exploring the possibility of a career in professional counselling (this course doe not qualify you as a counsellor and will not lead to PSA registration without further training)

– Adding evidence of listening skills to a CV

– Enhancing a current role through the addition of listening skills

It is a gentle introduction to some of the foundation listening skills that professional counsellors use, in order to demonstrate their attentive and caring intention to the person speaking. We will also explore the context of counselling, distinguishing it from other listening activities and begin to learn about the incredibly rich and diverse cultures that exist within the world of counselling. Understanding the role of professional bodies in couselling and what it means to be a member of a PSA register are also subjects that we will cover.

As well as a look at skills and context, this course will also introduce the role of self-awareness in counselling by inviting students to consider their own intentions and how this influences our ability to listen fully. Some gentle self-awareness tasks are included,  and we enjoy working with colour, lines and shape in a series of creative tasks… time to embrace that inner child!

On completion of all units, students will be issued with a Level 2 Certificate and will be entitled to apply for the Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory to take the training to the next level.

Dates & Fees

Next intake: February September 2021

Why has this changed?

Due to the new strain of the COVID virus, we have decided to postpone the course in order to keep everybody safe. The idea of running an online version has been discussed, however, we don’t feel that it would be appropriate or sufficient in terms of the learning experience that we want to deliver. We are not, and will never be a ‘bums on seats’ training centre, and if we can’t deliver a high-quality experience, we would prefer to explore other possibilities.

Fees for this course are:  £285 per learner

Payment options: There are no payment plans for this course. Payment is required in advance and is non-refundable.

Other useful information

Attendance: Minimum attendance required for a pass: 11 weeks

Assessment: Assessment for this course includes written assignments, skills observations, and critical discussion

Additional: Reading and weekly journal writing (recommended 3 hours per week)

Professionalism: Students at all levels and on all courses are required to hold a professional, respectful space. This includes being attentive, sensitive, organised, and punctual. A more detailed learning contract will need to be signed during the enrolment process.