Privacy and other policies

Staying Safe

  1. As well as being insured to teach/train, I also have public liability insurance with a reputable insurer.
  2. I scout all locations and complete a risk assessment for each.
  3. A lot of the courses and workshops that I run take place outdoors and in varying weather conditions:
    • Attendees acknowledge that by their nature, these environments are never completely risk-free.
    • I make every effort to minimise risk, however, I can’t be held liable for accidents, mishaps or losses that are not a result of negligence on my part.
    • You acknowledge that you are responsible for your own well being and that you need to pay due care and attention as you would under any other circumstances.

Working Ethically

As we are likely bound by different and varying ethical frameworks, it is the responsibility of individual attendees to ensure that they are working in a way that upholds the values of the framework to which they subscribe. As the facilitator, I reserve the right to act on and intervene with any conduct deemed to be unethical, including, but not limited to ideas and language that contradict an equal society free from prejudice, disclosure that breeches a client’s confidence and unprofessional behaviour unbecoming a member of the Counselling and Psychotherapy community.

Respecting your Privacy


  • All data collected is managed solely by Nicholas Langley (
  • All data collected in the booking forms are used solely for the purpose stated at the point of collection and information will ever be shared with a third party for any reason.
  • Your right to have any personal information removed or updated will always be respected.
  • The information will be used for the purpose of event management and will be retained for up to 1 year. This does not affect your right to have information removed sooner, should you wish it.


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