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This year, we will be exploring narrative within the Counselling and Psychotherapy world, its role in promotion, training, and culture.

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   Dates: 22nd – 25th June Postponed due to COVID-19

Things to expect from The Comfy Chair experience:

  • Relaxed, experiential learning
  • Discussion, reflection & connection
  • Activities to get the cogs turning
  • An exploration of therapeutic cultural norms & in contrast, narrative diversity
  • Individual reflective space built-in as standard
  • Marshmallows… obviously

As the organiser, I found last year’s Comfy Chair to be a rich and rewarding experience with many learning curves, insights, and revelations. 

Getting to know each was, of course, a cornerstone of the experience, however, it was the diversity of therapy culture that I found myself particularly drawn to… and so this year’s theme will be stories and cultural narrative from the counselling and psychotherapy community.

Stories about training, about private practice, about the theory that we are drawn to (and why), about our sense of belonging, and conversely of the isolation we can experience in practice.

  • What is the story of therapy? What are your hopes for the next chapter?
  • How many different narratives are there?
  • Which are the most valuable and which have the most potential to be limiting and may even work to harm the growth of our sector?

At #TheComfyChair2020, we will explore these and other questions, drawing on the experiences of those in attendance, and building bridges between the different therapeutic cultures that have sprung into existence in the UK (and beyond).

Our 2020 Venue…

This year we will be heading to Birtsmorton, in Worcestershire, to a gorgeous site that we will have all to ourselves! The attached images are courtesy of UpSticks Glamping and give you an idea of what to expect from the venue.

As well as staying in such a beautiful place, we will have the surrounding area to explore with access to local footpaths, hills, and villages.

At Comfy Chair, we value space as much as togetherness, and so we have built pockets of reflective time into the schedule so that you can be on your own, or if you prefer, in smaller groups.


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