Whitebeam Counsellor Training's Sustainability Pledge

As a conscientious learning provider, I aim to not only have a low impact  but where possible, to contribute towards the care of our natural environment. Which this in mind I have developed and will continue to add to the following policies:

This is a common and generally respected rule of bushcraft and other outdoor activities.

When we visit a site, finish and leave, no one should be able to tell that we were there. This is about demonstrating meaningful and ongoing respect for the environment, plants, animals and future visitors at every site we visit.

When I choose a venue, supplier or trainer,  I take their ethical stance into consideration. I prefer to work with fair, low impact, planet friendly members of the community.

When in the office, I will always source my electricity & gas from a reputable, green energy supplier.

A term I pinched from Ruth Allen of Whitepeakwellbeing.com

The environment gives, and I like to give back. Simply put,  when we spot something that doesn’t belong, we will take it back and recycle/dispose of it safely.

During my workshops and CPD events, I supply refreshments. As part of my commitment to reducing environmental impact, I avoid dairy and other animal-based products. Planet & animal-friendly alternatives will be provided, or of course, you’re welcome to bring your own.

Rubbish Collecting on the Royal Military Canal 2019

Have I missed something? Have an idea that might help me be more ethical? Feel free to email!